In the field of construction and contracting, we respond to the expectations of quality, price and performance in the best way with a customer satisfaction oriented approach and we serve you as the pioneer of all innovations in the sector, and we produce solutions according to your needs. Continuous change and transformation, mutual trust and stability are the basic principles of our vision, but are among our indispensable values.



As Lacivert Yapı, we increase the durability of the building and the life of the structure by using steel which offers infinite options in terms of shape and functionality in our architectural works. Long life of steel structures, fast construction, high security and easy to renew. Therefore, the use of steel in industrial buildings is our preference. We know the value of your time as a navy structure and we use the steel with meticulousness in our structures.



As Lacivert Yapi, we carry out the design, project and application stages of industrial buildings in accordance with your requirements. We are working diligently at every stage from production to application for architectural works that will make you one step ahead of the future. In the production and application stage, we respond to your needs quickly and effectively with detailed and economical project works and we offer you the quality with confidence.


Consultancy And

With our expert staff and well-trained colleagues, we provide a fast solution to the problems you have with you in every question you have. As Lacivert Yapı, we do not exhaust you from the ground up, including structure relationship management, process analysis and optimization. After the end of the project as a Navy blue family solution to your problems and we never leave you alone.